Developmental approach (strengths and weaknesses)

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  • the approach increases understanding about the way we develop from infancy to adulthood, and shows the impact that experiences and interactions can have on that development as well as the effect of biological maturation. Eg Farrington shows that having certain childhood characteristics eg convicted parent, young mother etc. can impact upon development making indivs more likely to commit crimes. this therefore increases our understanding of the development of criminal behaviour. This is a strength because as the research in the approach increases our understanding of development, the findings from the approach can be used to create practical applications which leads in the second strength of the approach.
  • the research findings can be applied to real life so that they can be used to benefit indivs or society in some way. findings can be used to inform us of factors that can affect healthy development and key stages to lok for. Eg Samuel and Bryants findings that cognitive abilities, such as conservation skills, develop over time have been taken and used to develop practical applications to benefit things such as teaching stratergies. for example, ensuring that in the national curriculum learning progresses from


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