Development in Ghana

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Key Facts

  • Ghana is in West Africa. It is flanked by The Ivory Coast on the left and Togo on the right
  • The capital of Ghana is Accra
  • The population is 23 million and growing
  • The South West has a tropical climate and lots of rainfall which is good for farming so people tend to be more wealthy here. The South East is drier and has savannah vegetation. The North is very dry and hot - not good for farming so the people tend to be very poor here.
  • It exports cocoa, gold and lumber. Cocoa is its main export - it is the leading exporter of cocoa in the world.

How developed is Ghana?

  • Ghana has some wealthy areas but millions live in poverty
  • The economy is dominated by agriculture. 56% of the population work in agriculture (the higher the numbers who work in agriculture, the less developed a country tends to be)
  • These poor rural people have limited access to basic social services, healthcare, safe water, good roads, electricity etc.
  • The Infant Mortality Rate is 51 compared to 5 in the UK
  • The average life expectancy is 60 compared to 79 in the…


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