Development Dilemmas

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Regional disparity- A great difference in wealth between different parts of a country

HDI- human development index--> combination of social and economic indicators to measure development and allow us to compare countries

Core region- The most important social political and economic region of a country or area - the centre of power

Periphery region- The outer limits of an area. Often remote or isolated from the core with lower levels of infrastructure and wealth . 

CORE SOUTH EAST ( Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo) 

  • As you move further away from those cities , it gets poorer
  • Higher wages
  • Higher levels of services
  • Good transport systems
  • More jobs in Tertiary


  • jobs ( mostly in primary sector e.g. farmer)
  • lower income
  • bad transport network
  • not as many jobs as in south east

Why does it happen?

  • Fewer transport links------> less trade
  • north east= humid    AMAZON --> dry ,


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