Development Basics

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Changes as a country develops

Economic changes:

  • The wealth of a country increases as it develops.
  • Wealth is meausred by GDP and GNI.
  • As a country becomes wealthier, the number of people living in poverty decreases.

Social changes:

  • These changes affect people's quality of life.
  • This can be measured by the infant mortality rate and the number of people per doctor.
  • Both of these decrease as a country develops.
  • An incraese in access to safe water and literacy rate shows an increase in development.

Demographic changes:

  • Birth rate and death rate are measures of development.
  • They both decrease with development.
  • Develpment is also shown if there is an increase in life expectancy.

Political changes:

  • A country is developing if it changes from a dictatorship to a democracy.

Cultural changes:

  • As a country develops the way in which people live their lives may change.
  • E.g. gender equality, education, e.t.c.

Devlopment measures have limitations

When used on their own the measures of…


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