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Newborn's readiness for life

  • newborn reflexes - involuntary, automatic response to stimuli 
  • > survival - adaptive value, satisfy needs, eg. breathing, sucking, swallowing
  • > primitive - not as useful, disappear first year, eg. swimming, grasping
  • sensation - detection of sensory stimulation
  • perception - interpretation of sensory input

Preference technique

  • baby shown two pictures of objects, researcher keeps track of how long a baby looks at each one 
  • 1. baby indicates he/she sees some difference between the two
  • 2. reveals something about kind of objects that capture baby's attention


  • researchers present a baby with a certain signt or sound over and over until they habituate
  • researchers present another sight or sound slightly different, see if baby shows renewed interest

Baillargeon & DeVos (1991)

  • 3 month old babies
  • > habituated on small or tall carrot passing behind small screen so look less over time
  • > will they dishabituate and show surprise at larger shows?
  • 3 month olds look larger at impossible event
  • > does this show evidence of object permanence and instant knowledge of object states?

Principles of operant


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