Development and Problems of Farming in the West

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Development and Problems of Farming in the West

  • Probelems included: lack of water, rough terrain, not very nutritious earth, and strange climate, but some this was solved by irrigation and good equipment.
  • In California and Oregon, dissappointed gold miners found good, fertile soil to make a living from- it was good fro wheat and they even began exporting grain to Europe to make good money, and better equipment to farm more and get even richer.
  • In Kansas and Nebraska, hard soil broke most ploughs under the strain. Farmers did it by hand using spades or a professional 'sod-buster' with a heavy plough and team of oxen. Crops failed as it was too dry and cold in winter.
  • More people had to take up farming to feed people. During early years, there was a wet cycle to help farming. But rain was very temperamental. They build mud huts as there is no wood for proper houses. They made fences out of barbed wire to keep the livestock together. They built huge wheat fields to grow only one crop. It took a month to harvest crops. Such amount of wheat cost independent farmers a lot of money, and made them struggle to make ends meet.

Problems with Farming

  • After a long, hot, dry summer, the long grass of the prairie burned very easily. Prairie fires burned crops and could kill livestock and people too. Fires could start because of lightning strikes, a spark from…


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