Developing and Effective Workforce

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  • Identifying need for new employees, attracting best candidate + selecting most suitable candidate in order to meet staff requirements of firm
  • 1. Vacancy arises
  • 2. Job description is written
  • 3.  Person Specification written
  • 4. Advertisements place in appropriate media
  • 5. Application forms and CVs and letters of application requested
  • 6. Short listing takes place
  • 7. Interviews held and testing takes place
  • 8. Selection takes place + Appointment is made

Internal vs External Recruitment

  • Internal
    • Filling a job vacancy by selecting a person who is already within organisation
  • External
    • Filling job vacancy by selecting person outside firm
  • Arguments for Internal
    • Employee + abilities already known
    • Internal promotions - motivates workforce
    • Quicker and cheaper selection
    • Shorter induction period
    • Reduces risk of employing wrong person
  • Arguments for External
    • Larger choice of well qualified applicants
    • New blood, new ways of thinking
    • Overcomes jealousy of internal recruitment
    • Can help firm understand how other firms work
  • Opportunity cost in relation to recruitment - In firms interest to recruit best person for job at minimum cost in terms of time and resources

Selection - Interviews and other methods of assessment

  • Interviews - Most popular and traditional but not most effective, swayed by appearance and personality
  • Aptitude and attainment tests - Measures how applicant copes when presented with particular business situation - Or how good applicant is at particular skill eg. Word Processing
  • Psychometric or personality tests - Measures personality, attitude and character of applicants eg. loners or team players…


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