Determinism v's Free will PLAN

  • Determinism

-behaviour shaped/ controlled by external forces

-pavlov (classical conditioning)

  • The bahviourist approach

-all events caused 

-people product of the environment 

-enviromental determinism 

-skinner; free will an illusion 

-phobia conditioned

-tokens (forensic psychology)

-''perfect society'' 

  • Evidence 

-punishment and rewards 

-bandura; surely behaviour would change all the time?

-humans determined by long term goals 

  • psychodynamic approach

-psychic determinsim; motivated by unconscious 


-no behaviour just happens

mortley et al; freudian slips

-developed from people with mental disorder 

  • Biological approach

-under the control of biological factors 

-role of genetics; genetic determinsm 

-high concordance rate in genetically similar


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