Detention at a Police Station

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o Code C states that persons who are ‘helping police with their enquiries’ should be informed that they are not under arrest and are entitled to leave and have legal advice

· Each station where suspects are detained must have a custody officer on duty who must be a sergeant or higher in rank. They supervise the detention process and keep detailed records

· Suspects must be brought before the custody officer, who will decide whether there is sufficient evidence to charge them. The officer has a duty to order the immediate release of a suspect if there are no longer grounds for their detention

· There must be a review by another officer within 6 hours of the suspect being brought to the station and every 9 hours thereafter

· S.41 – must be released within 24 hours under normal circumstances

· S42, S43, S44 - A senior officer can authorise the detention of a suspect arrested for a serious arrestable offence to be extended


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