Detailed Aeneid 4 summary




·      Dido was thinking about Aeneas a lot and spoke to her sister, Anna. She says how great she thinks Aeneas is and how she thinks he is the one man who has tempted her to break her vow to Sychaeus. Says she would rather have Jupiter kill her than break her vow

·      Anna replied asking her what the point was wasting her life alone, reminds her of the threats that surround her eg. Gaetulians, and tells her that she believes Aeneas is there with the blessing of the Gods. Finally tells her she only needs to ask for the blessing of the gods

·      Dido and Anna went about making sacrifices to Apollo, Ceres, Bacchus, Juno, renewing her offerings regularly

·      She would lead Aeneas through Carthage displaying it’s wealth and she would invite him to feasts and ask him again to tell the story of what happened in Troy, and when he had left she would imagine he was still there. She would play with Ascanius trying to hide her love. She stopped building Carthage, the city stood idle

·      Juno realised how infatuated Dido was and went to speak to Venus:

·      Recognises what Venus and Cupid have done, knows that Venus feared Carthage

·      Asks what the end will be of the rivalry, suggests they instead make them one people and join Dido and Aeneas in marriage

·      Venus realised Juno’s intent was to divert the empire of Italy to Libya

·      Speaks to her in response:

·      Says she does not know what Jupiter wants for the Tyrians and the Trojans and whether he would approve of this (not true), tells Juno she should find out, as she is his wife. Pretends to be submissive

·      Juno says she will do that. Tells Venus her plan:

·      When Dido and Aeneas are hunting the next day she will create a storm on them, they’ll take refuge in the same cave

·      Juno will be there and join them in marriage

·      Venus agreed but laughed as she knew the truth

·      A group of men set out hunting with their nets whilst Dido waited in her chamber. Dressed royally, like a queen, not very Roman. Aeneas was there with her, described as being the most splendid of all

·      Ascanius is described as being eager to hunt, wants the excitement of killing something

·      The storm began- Dido and Aeneas took shelter in the same cave. The sign was given by Juno as matron, the heavens were witness to the ‘marriage’

·      From now on Dido gave no thought to her appearance or good name and no longer kept her love a secret

·      Rumour’s horribleness is described- ‘of all the ills there are, rumour is the swiftest’. She goes through the tribes telling stories both true and false. Says…


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