Designing psychological investigations

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Sampling strategies and their implications

Populations and samples

  • Random sampling
  • Opportunity sampling
  • Volunteer sampling

Sample bias

  • Choice of sampling technquie 
  • Choice of target population
  • Small samples

Issues of reliability and valdiity

Types of reliability 

Assessing and improving intra and inter researcher reliability 

  • Careful design of study
  • Careful training of researchers

Assessing and improving internal and external reliaiblity 

  • Split-half method
  • Test-retest method
  • Use of correlation

Types of validiity 

Assessing and improving internal and external valdity

  • Face validity 
  • Content valdiity 
  • Concurrent validity 
  • Predictive validity
  • Context validity (ecological valdity)
  • Temporal validity 
  • Population validity 

Ethical considerations in design and conduct of research

BPS code of ethics and conduct 

  • Respect 
  • Competence 
  • Responsibility 
  • Integrity 

Identifiying ethical issues in research proposals 

  • Writing a research proposal 
  • Constructing a constent form 
  • How an ethics committee works 

Impact of Code of Ethics and Conduct on research 

  • Evolution of codes and conduct 
  • Ethical codes shape research and are shaped by it 
  • Impact of changes in Zeitgeist and technology 
  • Ethics committees as gatekeepers

Roles of ethics committees 

Types of committee

  • Department ethics committee 
  • Institutional ethics committee 
  • External ethics committee 

Enforcing ethical guidelines 

  • Investigate 
  • Dismiss complaint 
  • Suspend or remove…


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