Design Argument Revision

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Introduction to the design argument:

  • Also known as the teleological argument
  • From the Greek 'telos' meaning order or purpose
  • Focuses on an intrest in regularity
  • Analogical argument
  • Inductive argument
  • A posteriori - based on observation
  • Dates back to pre-christianity - Plato

Seeking explanations:

  • Made into a theistic argument
  • Considers a number of issues that are raised by the question: 'Why is the universe as it is?'
    - Order
    - Benefit
    - Purpose
    - Suitability for human life
    - Appearance

Aquinas's Fifth way:

  • Non-rational beings act in a way that leads to the best result
  • If non-rational beings can work towards this goal, something must be directing
  • Based on the following premises:
    - There is benefical order in the universe
    - This beneficial order could not have happened by chance
    - Many objects don't have the intelligence to work towards an end or purpose
    - Therefore, they must be directed by something that does have intelligence
    - Therefore, God exists…


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