Design Argument

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-          Teleological

-          Aims to prove the existence of god

-          Qua purpose

-          Qua regularity

-          A posteri

-          Intelligent being

-          One argument  is

-          Aquinas 5th way

-          Arrow and archer analogy same as the world

-          Must have an intelligent being

-          God

-          Backs point up with planets being aligned perfectly

-          Paleys watch

-          Watch so complicated must have a designer

-          Compared this to the world

-          World must have a designer

-          The only one clever enough is God

-          Biochemist Dr. Behe backs him up

-          Bacteria Tail takes 40 working parts to work in sync

-          Same as Paley’s watch, same as the earth

-          Swinburne

-          Laws of nature

-          Science doesn’t provide enough evidence

-          Assumes laws of nature can’t prove where they’re from

-          ‘personal explanation of God’

-          ‘God exists and


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