Design Argument

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The Design Argument

First Paragraph

  • teleological
  • telos - end or purpose
  • a poteriori - from experience
  • sythetic - from observation
  • empirical - five senses
  • inductive - many possible outcomes of which one is more probable

Second Paragraph

  • Design is present in the univers which suggests design which infers a designer
  • David Hunt's Parable of the Shipwreck
  • order, benefit, purpose, and suitability for life

Paragraph 3

  • Socrates
  • "with such signs of forethought how can there be any doubt as to whether the univers is the product of chance or design"

Paragraph 4

  • Aquinas
  • 5 ways - 5th way - 'from the governance of things'
  • Design qua Regularity
  • Arrow and the archer
  • 'whatever lacks knowledge cannot move towards an end, unless it is directed by some being endowed with knowledge and intelligence... and this being we call God'

Paragraph 5

  • Paley
  • Watch Analogy - Design qua Purpose
  • 'when we come to inpect the watch we perceive... that its several parts are framed and put together for a purpose'

Paragraph 6

  • Anthropic Principle - F.R.Tennant
  • Goldilocks Effect of being 'just right'
  • the univers is so 'finely-tuned'
  • Weak Anthropic…


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