design and develop

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results of research

presenting results

  • pie charts show percentage/proportion
  • line graphs show trends
  • bar charts are used for "how often" questions
  • 3D charts look good, but can get confusing and hard to interpret so are best kept simple.
  • remember to include a title and label axis

sensory analysis

sensory analysis finds out if people like your product, or can be used on existing products to see how they could be improved.


  • ranking/rating test is where similar products are ranked (ordered in preference)
  • star diagrams rate the main characteristics on a scale of 1-5
  • triangle testing is when the tester is given 3 samples and is asked which is the odd one out, and is used for checking products such as low fat versions taste similar to the original.


  • needs to be your…


jill richardson


Basic guidelines for designing a new product in note form.



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