Der Doppelganger, The ghostly double (Schubert) 1828 Vienna, Austria analysis

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  • Three through composed verse starting bars 5; 25; 43
  • Four bar ostinato figure heard in piano five times at the start


  • B minor first 40 bars
  • Rises chromatically to reach D# minor at bar 47
  • Begins return to B minor at bar 51


  • Use of incomplete triads
  • Use of chromaticism particularly in bar 41-46 progression
  • Augmented 6th chords at climax points e.g bar 51
  • Neapolitan 6th chord bar 59
  • F# inner dominant pedal for first 40 bars
  • Tonic/dominant alternation
  • Plagal cadence & Tierce de Picardie at the end



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