Depth Study-Germany Control by terror (1918-1945)

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Hitler had very weak opposition during the Nazi government. Was this due to his use of terror against the population or clever propaganda?


  • Hienrich Himler- head of police, head of the **.
  • The **- The Schutz Staffel or the protections squad were blackshirts who initially started out as Hitlers personal bodyguards. They had carried out the Night of the Long knives, after which Hitler had rewarded them by making them independent of the SA with Himler as thier head. The ** split into three sections, the Death Heads Units, the Waffen ** and the SD or the security section. The **, unlike the previous SA had been carefully picked out pure Aryan race who were taught to be ruthless and loyal to Hitler. During the Nazi rule they could arrest people in their homes without trial and the Death head Units were in charge of the concentration camps.
  • Concentrations camps- the early concentration camps had been desinged for inmates for short periods of time to scare of opponents inorder for them to support the Nazi's. They grew…


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