Depth Study: Elizabethan Privateers 1558-1603 2

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Queen Elizabeth I's Aims

England was weak both financially and militarily in 1558 when Elizabeth ascended the throne. The first task Elizabeth faced was providing her small country with security, against Spain. When ascending the throne she only inherited a fleet of approximately 21 ships. To meet the growing threat England faced at the hands of King Phillip II and Spain, Elizabeth relied upon the use of privateers. Privateers such as Sir Francis Drake and John Hawkins who were able to transform her navy through innovation, and command it with the aid of privately owned ships to repel the Spanish Armada 

The second task Elizabeth faced was the improvement of the navy and to further the expansion of the English realm, she again relied on her privateers. Privateers were given letters of marque in which privateers would plunder those enemies of the English realm. England recieved one fifth of their plunder, they provided incredible large cash revenues to the coffers of England, which enabled the Queen…


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