Depth Study: Elizabethan Privateers 1558-1603

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Early Attempts at Colonisation - 1558-1603

There was no imperial policy in the Elizabethans, this was due to Elizabeth inheriting an almost bamkrupt throne so every exploration had to be self-financing. The British Isles were also constantly threatened with invasion. Insecurity and poor opportunities can be seen to have much to do with the early Elizabethan reluctance to invest in oversea resources. 

At the start of the period, the bulk of English maritime activities were restricte dto European waters. Within 60 years however, the expansion was not state driven instead it was left in the hands of private adventurers, their concern was immediate gains they had no long term plan to promote colonisation. During this period, colonisation was a concern of both the City and Monarchy, bad timing meant…


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