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  • DSM-5 categories of depression:
  • All forms of depression are depressive disorders and are characterised by changes to mood. The following are recognised as catergoies of depression and depressive disorders. 
  • Major depressive disorder - severe but often short-term depression. 
  • Persistent depressive disorder - long-term or recurring depression. 
  • Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder - childhood temper tantrums.
  • Prementrual dysphoric disorder - disruption to mood prior to and/or during menstruation. 
  • Behavioural characteristics of depression:
  • Activity levels - Sufferers of depression have reduced levels of energy making them lethargic. In extreme situations, this can be so bad that the sufferer can't get out of bed. Some cases can lead to the opposite effect - known as psychomotor agitation. Agitated individuals struggle to relax. 
  • Disruption to sleep and eating behaviours - Sufferers may experience reduced sleep (insomnia) or an increased need to sleep (hypersomnia)). Appetite nad eating may also decrease or increase, leading to weight gain or…


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