deng's political/social reforms

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in 1979 the four cardinal principles were announced

-to keep to a socialist road

-to uphold the dictatorship of the proletariat

-to uphold the leadership of the ccp

-to uphold marxism

in 1978 deng removed maos 'four great freedoms'; to speak freely to air views fully to hold great debaes and to write wall posters

wei jingsheng accused deng of being a dictator and was sentenced to 15 yrs in prison

democratic journals were shut down

the gang of four trial(1980):

jiang(the leader) claimed she was 'chairman maos dog'

jan 1981 the gang were found guilty

plans to hold trials like this were abandoned as all levels of chinese government had been involved and to implicate one person would be to implicate all

political improvements:

1979-ministry of justice re-established

law schools open to…


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