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The fertility rate has risen since 2001 but it is much lower than 100 years ago (now approx 2 children).

Give 2 reasons why the total fertility rate in the UK has fallen since 1964.

  • More women are remaining childless than in the past.
  • Women are postponing having children.

Reasons for the decline in birth rate since 1900:

  • Don't want children
  • The pill
  • Abortion
  • Secularisation
  • Career
  • Contraception
  • Families unit of consumption
  • Gender equalities e.g. the vote
  • Socially acceptable
  • Increased educational opportunities for girls
  • Chaniging attitudes towards women's role
  • Greater availability of divorce

Reasons for decline in infant mortality rate

  • Better medical science
  • No disease
  • More policing of child abuse
  • More babies being…


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