delegated legislation

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delegated legislation is law made by a person or body to whom parliment has delegated law making power 

- new laws often need to complete more detailed rules--- 

parliment does not have time/ expertise--- to make detailed legislation 


- new law for  a specific area for which requires speicalist local knowledge 

- on a technical matter such as health or agriculture will require specialist technical knowledge 

- sometimes an emergency or a new situation may require new law to be made very quickly

also the formal legislative process requiring readings in both houses of parlimant is not suitbale where there is an emergency 

---- for these reasons necessary for parliment to delegate law making to bodies that are better equpped 

Parent or enabling act 

- this is a primary legislation that allows others to make laws

0 further laws to made under its authority 

-- will entail procedures that the delegated person or body must follow when making laws 

-- if power given to local authoirty then have the required knowledge 

- if power given to another body such as train or buses tehn willl be able to make laws in respect of their property 


- are laws made by the Queen and privy council which are enforcebale in courts

- privy council is made up of  former politicians, senior judges and memebrs of the royal family--- 420 memebers

- however only 3 or 4 attend meetings which orders in coucil is made 



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