Delegated Legislation

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The queen and privy council have the authority to make these. The privy council consists of the Prime Minister and leading members of the Government. Ths allows the Government to make legislation without going through pariament. The man use or Orders in Council is to give effect to European Directives. It is also used to make emergency legislation as a result of the Emergency Powers Act 1920 and Civil Contingencies Act 2004. Examples of where emergency legislation were used: To deal with the Fuel crisis in 2000 and the Foot and mouth outbreak in 2001. They are also used to transfer responsibility between government departments e.g: when the Ministry of Justice was created, some powers from the Home Office were transferred to this new department. An Order in Council was also used to deal with terrorist attacks of 11 September (Terrorism Order 2001) An Order in Council was used to amend the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 to reclassify cannabis from Class B to Class C…


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