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-Individual changes when part of a crowd; combination of anonymity, suggestibiltiy and contagion. Therefore individual loses self-control and acts against social norms.

-Psychological state charactrised by lowered self-esteem and decreased concerns about evaluation by others. Happens in large groups. Deindividuation leads to antisocial behaviour because of an increase in prosocial behaviour.

-Act antisocially when unidentifiable, increase in bahviours usually inhibited. Lose our individuality. 

-Zimbardo - tested anonymity to increase aggressiveness. 

-Does wearing a uniform in sports team increase aggressive behaviour? yes, tested in german study and generally more aggressive when anonymous. 

- Alternative perspective to Zimbardo's conclusion that anonymity si the determinant of deindividuation. Linked to redeuced self-awareness, a person focussing on themselves will be unlikely to produce a civil behaviour. Own behaviour needs to be regulated.




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