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Cell  - Basic unit of Life ( l-izghar haga li hija hajja ) 

Dna - Deoxyribonucleicacid      - controls the cell  ( Rna = Ribonucleicacid ) 

Cell Membrane -  controls what enters & leaves the cell 

                                 -prevents the cell  contents from escaping 

 Cytoplasm  - jelly like substance , where chemical reactions take place 

 Nucleus -  Contains Dna inside 

 Monosaccharide -  simple sugar made up of one glucose unit 

Disaccharide -  a sugar made up of 2 glucose units 

Polysacchharide - a complex sugar made up of many glucose units 

Glucose - Simplest Sugar   ( C6 H12 O6 )

Cell Wall - Dead -  made up of cellulose (sugar ) 

                    - Keeps the shape of the cell and provides support 

Chloroplasts - Filled with chlorophyll and used to build up their own…


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