Death of a Salesman

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Willy - 63 years old, a travelling salesman. Now older and loosing his mind he is living in a fantasy and in the past, he trys to convience people around him that he is successful still even though he is working on comission and isn't selling anything. So Willy 'borrows' money from successful neighbour, Charley. Charley is someone who Willy is very jealous of, Charley is living the American Dream, all Willy want's is to live 'The American Dream' thats his one asperation in life. He fails to reach his dream.

Example of his fantasy:

"Im the New England man. Im vital in New England." Willy may have been once, but now he isnt showing that he is delusional and living in the past.

Willy's eldest son, Biff realises that his families life has been based around lies and allusions. A moment of change in the play is when Biff is asking his old boss Bill Oliver for money for a new bussiness he and Happy want…


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