Death of a Naturalist By Seamus Heaney

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  • Death of his love of nature

  • Ironic: young age

  • Ambiguous and dramatic- dramatic stage in his life

  • Death of innocence as a child


  • A very young Heaney, losing his innocence,

  • Profound impact since he chose to write about it in detail

  • Nature – opposite to William Wordsworth's view on Nature

  • Significant memories


  • Both Stanza's begin ominously, dramatic language increases fear and anticipation of event.

  • Semantic fields: War and Weapons – childlike imagination and fear

  • Child like colloquial language and adult language are interlinked to give an impression of a memory.

  • 'Daddy Frogs' – innocence

  • Personification of the sun

  • 'Brown in the rain' – simple description for innocence

  • 'Mud grenades' – more intricate description for knowledge gained

  • Uses disgusting imagery in the first stanza…


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