Death and the Afterlife

Death and the Afterlife

Body and Soul

The soul is the spiritual part of a human being

Christians believe:

  • We have immortal souls and that it lives on after death
  • Its what separates us from animals
  • Christianity teaches that God gave us the "breath of life" (our soul) - Genesis
  • St Paul taught that the soul and body were often opposed to each other. The soul follows God - the body follows pleasures
  • St Paul said that when someone died, it was a new "spiritual body" that went to Heaven
  • Christianity teaches that Eve introduced original sin
  • Roman Catholic church teaches original sin is the way in which humans are born with a lack of holiness about them and this is cleansed when someone is baptised
  • Humans have a soul because they are made in the "image of God"
  • People are not reborn into the world
  • We each have only one life
  • Their souls will be raised back to life like Jesus, to live in Heaven with God.
  • Human life is sacred as people possess a soul
  • "Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit"
  • The resurrection and ascension of Jesus showed that there is life after a physical death
  • It is the soul that makes us different from the rest of creation - humans are a body and a soul - animals are just a body
  • "The Lord formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being"
  • The early Christians (mostly Jews) believed that the body disintegrates after death but the soul lives on. 
  • Plato - contends that the soul is distinct from the body and is capable of maintaining a separate existence from it
  • Aristotle - felt that body and soul are two aspects of the same underlying substance (form and matter)
  • "So God created man in his own image...male and female he created them

Life after Death

  • Christian teaching is that one day Jesus will return to earth.  This is called the 'Parousia' or 'second coming'. At this time God will judge everyone. 
  • Some believe there is a Day of Judgement in the future, others believe that it occurs as soon as we die
  • Christians believe that because of Jesus' crucifixion they are freed from the punishment of original sin and now have the chance to go to heaven depending on the way in which they live their lives
  • Christians believe those who have ignored the teachings of Jesus and the Bible will be sent to hell where they will receive eternal punishment.
  • Christians believe those who have accepted Jesus as their saviour and followed his teachings will go to heaven
  • Roman Catholics - there is also another place called purgatory.  People who have been good Christians but have still committed some sins go to purgatory where they are fully cleansed until they are in a state ready to go to heaven. Purgatory is not  a place of judgement and people go from…




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