Death and Resurrection

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The Last Supper

Why it's important - 

  • It marks the beginning of the new covenant
  • Significant that a passover meal should be Jesus' last
  • Jesus's prediction of the failure of the disciples and Peter's shows that Jesus knows his fate and will be alone
  • On the way to the room - shows Jesus' powers, that he's the son of God

Prayers in Gethsemane


  • See both the human and divine part of Jesus -
  • Use of Abba for father and shows his human side through the prayers

Problems it raises

  • How can the Son of God be so troubled?
  • Why would Jesus pray to God if he is god?
  • Why would he ask God to take the cup of suffering away from him?
  • When "not my will but yours.." does this show he and God are separate? 

Betrayal and Arrest

Meaning and Significance:-

Judas comes with an armed crowd - links to perception of Messiah?

Jesus could have stopped him if he wanted to
Was he only doing what he had to do?
Did he do it out of love?

The Trial before the HIgh Priest

Meaning and Significance:-

  • Court cannot find witnesses to agree
  • Jesus' own words seal his fate
  • Rules of trial not kept to
  • Sanhedrin can't put a man to death

The Trial before Pilate

Meaning and Significance:-

  • Jesus kept silent - in fulfilment of the old testament prophesy
  • Pilate reluctant to kill Jesus
  • Crowd forces Jesus' death

Mark was




Do you know where The Garden of Eden comes into any of this?

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