Death & Resurrection

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3.1 What is so important about the Last Supper?


Feast of Unleavened Bread- First day of the Passover festival

Last Supper- When Jesus ate with His disciples for the last time and the moment where the Eucharist was discovered.

Passover- Jewish festival celebrating the release from Egypt

-upper room- The room where the Last Supper took place

-Passover. It is a whole week in the year where Jewish families get together and eat a meal in memory of the freedom of slavery of Jews.

-;'This is my body'- Priest says it in mass

-Also said in the 'Feeding of the 5000'- shows confidence

-'This is my blood'- sacrifice

-'Covenant'- Prophets made a promise with God, Jesus made a promise with God that He will forgive our sins.

-'Poured out for many'- Jesus is here to help everyone

-This shows that Jesus is in authority when He told the disciples to fetch a colt for the Passover lamb, which is needed for sacrifice as it was the Feast of the Unleavened Bread.

Links between Last Supper and Passover:

-Use of Matzvah bread-Both very important meals

Importance for St.Mark:

-For those Christians who have been pastly or presently persecuted

-Jesus' last time with the disciples- wanted them to know the meaning of the broken bread and wine

3.2 Christians today?

-Catholics- Jesus in present spiritually in the bread and wine as we consume them

-Other Christians:

Consubstantion: Jesus is really present within  the bread and wine which are offered through the celebration. There isn't any physical change in the bread or the wine.

Receptionism:Jesus in present spiritually in the bread and wine as we consume them. But they believe that there isn't any physical change too. 

Memorialism: Bread and wine are just symbols of Jesus' death and resurrection.

-Quakers: don't celebrate the Eucharist- don't rely on the outward trappings of worship

3.3 Garden of Gethsemane


Gethsemane- Jesus was arrested here.

-Jesus shows a sense of both humanity and divinity

--He didn't want to be tortured but had to do it to fulfil God's plan

-Human agonies- despair, fear, tiredness

-'Abba,Father'- humanity/divinity

-Disappointment towards the disciples

Christians today?

-If Jesus had so many questions to ask God, how can He be God?

-'Not what I will but what you will'-  Could Jesus be seperate from the Trinity

-Peter can't be promising as the first Pope as he fell asleep when Jesus needed him/them most.

-We should be faithful to God and pray for His guidance.

3.4 Betrayal and arrest


Judas Iscariot- The disciple who betrayed Jesus

-'swords and clubs'- expecting a warrior-like Messiah not a humble one

-Alternatively- Jewish leaders came to attack Jesus not Roman soldiers- shows that they believed Jesus wasn't that strong

Christians today?

- Disciples were human beings like us, they were scared and ran away. Just like if we doubt our faith, we run away from it.

-Judas was always a traitor. The…


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