Dealing with offending behaviour: Custodial sentencing and recidivism

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Custodial Sentencing- is one where the court requires an offender to be held in a prison or some other closed community like a psychiatric hospital.

The Aims of Custodial sentences- To protect the public: Incapacitation: putting criminals in prison which is necessary in the case of violent offenders and psychopaths, who are not capable of controling their behaviour. To punish an offender and prevent recidivism: Behaviourist approach to deal with offending behaviour. Punishment decrease the likelyhood of behaviour being repeated. Punishment or the threat of punishment may not work, but it is believed to be one of the many reasons why people dont commit crimes. To deter others: Social Learning approach, that we learn indirectly through the concequences of others behaviours therefore should discourage the general population from commiting crimes as the punishment is seen as serious. Retribution: The victim and their family would feel that justice has previled as they offender should have to pay/suffer in some way for the crime they commited. Rehabilitate Offenders: Prision used to prevent future criminal behaviour through…


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