Data Trasmission.

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Infrared is used in many commonplace devices for exampe:-

  • remote controls for your television
  • sensors that control automatic doors in shops
  • burglar alarms (detected by body heat)
  • security lights (detected by body heat)

Analogue signal:-

  • Analogue signals can have any value within a fixed range of values and are very similar to the sound of waves of speech or music.

Digital signal:-

  • Digital signals dont vary;they only have two states - on (1) and off (0).There are no values in between.


  • Earthquakes produce shock waves which can travel inside the earth.
  • They can damage buildings and cause tsunamis.These waves are called seismic waves and are detected by seismometers.
  • Epiderma is the centre of the earthquake.

Earthquakes produce two types of seismic waves:-

  • P waves - longitudinal waves - pass through solid and liquid - travel very fast.
  • S waves - transverse waves - travel through solid


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