Das Leben der anderen: Themes

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The power of art

Overview of theme

In many ways, if you removed the social and historical setting of the film, the same sequence of events could happen. In other words, had the director not decided to base the film on the "lives of others" in the DDR, the main plot of art changing people and overcoming great obstacles would still hold true.

Art has the power to change personalities and ways of viewing the world.

Portrayal - Key Characters, Scenes and Quotes

Although the power of art to change people is shown throughout the whole film, the main scene in which this theme is highlighted is the pivotal moment when Dreyman plays die Sonate vom guten Menschen and Wiesler, listening in in the attic, is moved to tears by the music.

The quote around which the film is based: "ich kann sie nicht hören, sonst bringe ich die Revolution nicht zu Ende" (Lenin's take on die Appanssionata) underlines this theme in the same way as Dreyman's quote "kann jemand, der diese Musik...wirklich gehört hat, noch ein







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Very nice exposition of the main themes as they relate to Art.