Das Leben der anderen: Character Notes: Wiesler

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MfS Hauptmann Gerd Wiesler


  • link between artists and the regime - the nature of his observation of Dreyman means he is immersed in their alternative culture, which makes him aware of his own shortcomings and become disillusioned with communism
  • has a metamorphosis which shows how art can have a positive effect on anyone - how it can change characters and beliefs for the better
  • lurking, observing, menacing presence symbolises the action of the Stasi - a shadow behind everyone's life


  • always wears Stasi uniform - shows how dedicated he is, how he clings to the communist ideal, even when the regime has rejected him (after his betrayal) and finally collapsed
  • monotonal colours show the social isolation in which he lives, e.g. he lives in a typical, empty Stasi flat - shows contrast between homely artistic atmosphere and cold communist existence
  • lack of dialogue - unwilling (or forbidden) to express emotion, he is reserved and tight-lipped, reflecting the repression of the regime

Key Quotes

  • "Bei Verhören arbeiten Sie mit den Feinden des


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