darwin and mendel

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Title: Darwin and Mendel’s contribution



The branch of biology that deals with heredity especially the mechanisms of hereditary transmission and the variation of inherited characteristics among similar or related organisms.

Genetics, both Darwin and medel introduced the inheridentce and also both talkied about the inheritance

The model of evolution

Darwin proposed a logical mechanism for evolutionary change and provided enough supporting evidence to convince the educated public. Darwin argues that all organisms that have ever lived arose through (decent with modification), the evolutionary alteration and diversification of family species. He intended this pattern of origin at tree growing trough time which he called the tree of life. Darwin proposed the history of life as a tree. Branching points represent the origin of new lineages, branches that do not reach the top represent extinct group.

The base of the trunk represents the forefather of all organisms. Branching points above it represent the evolutionary divergence of families into their offspring. Each limb represents a body plan suitable for particular way of life. Smaller branches represent more narrowly defined groups of organism, and the uppermost branch represent living species.

The four features that distinguish Darwin’s theory:

1.   Darwin provided purely physical, rather than spiritual, explanations about the origins of biological diversity.

2.   Darwin recognised that evolutionary change occurs in groups of organisms, rather than individuals: some members of a group survive and


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