Dance Perfect


 Fact file:

-         Choreographed by: Kevin Finnan and Dancers

-         First created in: 2005

-         Music/Accompaniment: Sophy Smith and Tim Dickinson

-         Set design: Simon Dorman

-         Lightning By: Mark Parry

-         Dancers: 5 dancers (3 women and 2 men)

-         Costumes made by: Claire Armitage

-         Film by: Caroline Bridges


What is it about?

Perfect is about time. The struggle for perfection. Time as a force that shapes and ages us. A race against time. (13 SECTIONS)



3 Females: The women wears a black dress, knee length with no shoes. They wear this because this makes the audience only focus on their dance moves.

2 Males: The men’s wear a white shirt




Hi this sort of helped but i really need more information on just Kevin Finnan and HIS work, not lighting and things. Thanks