Cycles and Feeding Relationships and Ecosystems


Carbon Cycle

  • Photosysthesis is the only process that lets Carbon Dioxide in.
  • Animals eat plants which passes carbon compounds.
  • Plants and animals respire which releases Carbon Dioxide in the air.
  • Plants and animals eventually die and decompose and are broken down by bacteria and fungi. These decomposers release Carbon Dioxide in the air by respiration.
  • Fossil Fuels have also been burnt which releases Carbon Dioxide in the air.


Nitrogen Cycle

  • Decomposers- break down of protiens and turn them into ammonia
  • Nitrifying Bacteria-turning ammonia in decaying matter into nitrates
  • Nitrogen-fixing bacteria- turn Nitrogen gas into nitrogen compunds.
  • Denitifying bacteria- turns Nitrates back into Nitrogen gas.


Pyramids of Numbers, Biomass and Energy

  • Producers - Primary Consumers - Secondary Consumers


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