Current + Circuits


Current - This is a way of describing the flow of electricty throughout the circuit. Bascially speking electricity is a type of enerfy that is carried around circuits by electrons. Th electorns carry this energy from the power supply to the device which uses the electricty up. 


The number of batteries you have whitin a circuit affects the potential difference. If you were to have 3 bateries each giving 1.5V of potential difference all of them together would give you 4.5V of potential difference in total.

The voltage of the battery affects the current. The higher the voltage the faster the electrons move around the circuit. We can measure the voltage using a voltmeter. If there are more than one devices which are taking up the electricty e.g lamps the volatge will be distributed between all of them.

The potential difference of a circuit can be calculated if we know the amount of work done and what the charge is:

Potentail difference (V) = Work done (J) / Charge (C) 

The current flow of electicity moving around a circuit can be controlled:

  • Resistors slow down the current
  • The sturcture of the wire can affect the flow of


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