Cumbria Floods - storm event - CASE STUDY

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Cumbria Floods (Storm Event) 

Date: November 2009

- prolonged stormy weather during a 6 week spell in autumn 2009
- the jet stream remained over the british isles - this brought a number of deep depressions
- between 19th and 20th November, a stationary cold front over Cumbria drew a conveyor of moist, tropical air northwards from the Azores
- rain was intensified by te Lakeland Hills

Rainfall and Runoff
- Novermber 2009 was the wettest November on record in the UK
- The heaviest rain fell in the LAke District between the 17th and 19th November
- on November 19th, 316mm fell at Seathwaite in the central Lakeland - a record amount for a single day in the UK
- The exceptional rainfall led to extreme flows on rivers draining mountainous catchments, such as the Derwent and Cocker.
- at Camerton in west Cumbria, the average 24hr flow for the River Derwent on the 20th November was 561


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