Culture Marxist - Sociology

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High Culture

  • pursued by the upper class/beourgeosies
  • refers to things such as high art, classical music, theatres and other sophisticated pursuits.

Low Culture (aka popular culture)

  • Pursued by the lower class
  • refers to things such as soaps, rock music and sitcoms.
  • Used to distract them so they are not aware that they are being exploited (false class consiousness)

Gramsci (neo-marxist)

  • Believes in cultural hegemony: domination of set of ideas over others. Most people act according to their beliefs which are not necessarily determined by their class position. Dominace instead is accomplished at the unconscious level.
  • Neo-marxist argue that the media makes meanings and organize them into codes which help to make the world comprehensive to viewers. They provide order and


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