• is used to refer to the entire way of a particular society.
  • involves the whole system of behaviour and beliefs of a society (e.g. faith, art, language etc.)
  • Williams - culture is a way of life.
  • Woodward - culture i

Norms and Values

  • Values - the beliefs adn ideas that society sees as important, and are accepted by the majority of society.
    - e.g. educational achievement, respect, conformity.
  • Woodward - culture 
  • Norms are expected patterns of behaviour that are based on the values of a society.
    - e.g. wear the uniform, sit down, try your best. 
  • Norms and values of any culture are relative.
  • They can also change over time.
  • Most people follow the norms and values of their society, and when they don't they are deviant.

Sex and Temperament in Three Primative States - Mead

  • Studied male and female gender roles in different tribes.
  • In the Arapesh tribe - both genders were gentle and cooperative.
  • In the Mundugumoor tribe - both genders…


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