Cultural Capital

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Pierre Bourdieu - both cultural and material factors interrel- educational capital ated

Capital refers to wealth but in addition to this economic capital - two types - 'educational capital' or qualifications, and 'cultural capital' - MC generally possess more or all three types of capital

Cultural capital - refer to knowledge, attitudes, values, language, tastes and abilities of the MC.

Bourdieu sees MC as a type of capital as it gives an advantage to those who possess it. Like Bernstein he argues that through their socialisation, MC children acquire ability to grasp analyse and express abstract ideas. Gives MC children more of an advantage in school where these are highly valued.

Education system is not neutral, but favours and transmits the MC. WC find that school devalues their culture as 'rough' and inferior p- lack fo cultural capital leads them to failure - they 'get the message' that


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