Cultural bias

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  • Cultural bias occurs when what is considered "normal" behaviour is judged only from the point of view of one culture.
  • This means behaviours that differ from this cultural norm may be viewed as abnormal.
  • In psychology, research tends to show a bias towards Western culture due to the number of researchers and studies conducted in certain societies.

Universality and cultural bias

  • Much psychological research has been conducted in Western society, which undermines its universality
  • Assuming research conducted in Western societies applies universally shows a cultural bias, as these results are only applicable to Western populations.
  • This assumption of universality means research conclusions are wrongfully generalised globally.


  • Ethnocentrism occurs when a researcher uses their own cultural group as a basis for judgements about other groups.
  • There is a tendency to view the beliefs, customs and behaviours of our cultural group as normal, and that of other cultures


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