Cuban Missile Crisis

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Cuban Missle Crisis

1959 -Fidel Castro leads revolution in Cuba.

April 1961 - A group of Cuban exiles were backed by the CIA and were tasked of taking back the Bay Of Pigs in Cuba but the plan failed and the US were humialiated but they had no direct link to them.

14th October 1962 - A U2 spy went to cuba and took pictures of communist cuba and it was revealed to show a soviet missile base that help Intercontinental Ballistic Missile(ICBM'S) and they were being constructed and they had a range of almost anywhere in america.

USA refused to buy Cuban sugar as it had turned communist and they would have lost a lot of money because the sugar was there main export.

After Castro's take over  from Cuban in there revolution he declared his conversionto communist which was a huge move at the time as Cuba and US were good freinds.

The US placed a naval blockade outside Cuba to stop more missiles coming in from the Soviet Union and any other military materials.



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