Crumple Zones

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Car safety features for PROTECTION:

Modern cars have safety features that absorb energy in a collision, for example:

  • seatbelts, which prevent people in the car from being propelled forwards (though may cause bruising)
  • air bags, which cushion the impact for the driver and passengers
  • a crumple zone, a part of the car designed to 'crumple' during a collision
  • A collapsible steering column, which absorbs energy and breaks to avoid the driver being impaled during an accident.

These features change shape during an impact to absorb energy. They protect occupants and reduce the risk of injury during a collision. Seatbelts have to be replaced after a crash because they can be damaged by the forces they experience.

A safety cage is a metal cage which strengthens the cabin section of the car. It prevents the vehicle from collapsing when upside down or rolling.

Safety cages DO NOT ABSORB ENERGY- they remain rigid to prevent the car collapsing on the passengers.

Car safety features for PREVENTION:

Some car safety features are designed to prevent accident. Some features make the car itself safer:

  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)- prevent the tyres from skidding. This stops the…


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