Crowded Coasts - Coastalisation: Bournmouth

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Bournemouth - East Dorset, South West England

Bournmouth is Dorsets largest city and is growing rapidly. The bithrate is lower than the deathrate. Inwards migration is causing coastalisation in Bournemouth.

3 reasons Bournemouth attracts people:

  • Climate - second sunniest place in the UK after Eastbourne. Mild winters, very few days of frost or snow
  • High Environmental Quality - attractive coast environment. only a few miles away from the UKs first World Heritage Coast area.
  • Accessibility - local urban amenities aaliable, less than two hours away by train to London.



industrialisation brings prosperity to parts handling raw materials and manufactured goods.


seasonal resorts and coastal tourism take off 


paid holidays


large-scale expansion os port related industries, such as steel ship building and oil refinery


growth of water-based recreation in estuaries and inshore waters. rising demand for second…


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