• Not named but nicknamed so he is mocked by others
  • like Curleys wife has no identity or voice
  • Ranch workers refers to him in rascit terms
  • This highlights derogatory
  • Suspicious of people
  • Cynical due to treatment
  • Well read due to books in room, this would be imporent because of legal rights
  • educated/ intelligent
  • dignified
  • proud
  • inhappy
  • Isolated through rascism
  • feels protected because being on his on own is the safest place to be

'you go on get outta my room' because Lennie is inferior to him intellectually, Crooks feels this sense of power that he never has because of his race so he therefore takes advantage of this and is mean to Lennie. Also, the fact that Lennie is not welcome in the barn shows that Crooks is trying to hang on to the only property…


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