criticisms of hick and augustine

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comparing the three-

the key claim of Augustine's theodicy is that the world was perfect until evil came into being through people's choices this presents a free will defence.

Irenaeun theodicies reject ideas of free will defence

Hick argues augustines theory is unconvincing to the scientiffically educate people

criticisms against augustine's theodicy

  1. Plausibility- many question whether augustine's theodicy is believable in the light of today's knowledge and understanding of science. Especially as he interprets genesis as literal. Another reason people may disagree as there is no plausable evidence angels exist he seems to just presume it. Hick suggests that augustine's theodicy is implausible for modern people

responses- for augustine's theodicy to be succesfull the existence of angels has to be possible yet we do not have to prove they exist. Some philosophers strongly defend the idea that evil arises from hummans misusing their free will. The issues the story deals with matter even if the imagery is no longer very relevant to people of today

  1. science- scientists make it clear the earth developed slowly over four billion years through evolution. Augustine's belief in a perfect world that is then spoilt by evil then cannot be accepted as true in any literal sense.

  2. Adam's sin- biology clearly indicated everyone has their own individual DNA. Augustine's theorys rely on an ancient understanidng of bioligy which said that the the life giving force for a baby came from the man and the flesh from the women hence inheritting adams attributes

  3. how could the perfect go wrong?- if angels were created


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