Crisis of the Cold War 1955-70

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Hungary 1956

  • Series of events
    • Opposition to Rakosi
    • Rakosi not supported by Moscow
    • Rakosi removed
    • Erno Gero is new leader
    • Rebellion
    • Soviet tanks move in and then withdraw
    • Imre Nagy forms new government
    • Nagy's plans
    • Khrushchev sends in troops
    • Two weeks of fierce street fighting
    • Nagy imprisones and executed
    • Kadar becomes Prime Minister
  • Events which suggest a strong soviet government
    • Still had control
    • Khrushchev shows aggression towards any opposition
    • Still have control over government
  • Events which suggest weak Soviet control
    • Suggests unpopularity of Soviet control
    • Not much harmony between the Soviet governments
    • Because Rakosi was removed, this showed sucessful opposition to communism
    • Soviet tanks withdrew indicating an inability to suppress violent rebellion
    • Nagy's plans involved breaking away from the Warsaw Pact, and this shows that…


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